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Country Blocking and Travel Notifications


Prairie Pride Credit Union is launching a new service that provides added protection on your CHIP-enabled debit card. Called Travel Notification, it is free for all members.

As you know, debit card CHIP technology was introduced to help reduce debit card fraud. It has been very successful within Canada. However, criminals have adapted and are continuing to find ways to make fraudulent transactions in foreign countries that have not implemented this technology. In fact, almost 100 per cent of debit card fraud is taking place in foreign countries. This is why Prairie Pride Credit Union has implemented Travel Notification to help make using and traveling with your credit union debit card safer than ever.

Essentially, Travel Notification works by placing transaction blocks on foreign countries where debit card fraud is occurring. This means that if a criminal obtains debit card information from a cardholder’s credit union card, they will not be able to process any fraudulent transactions using that information in the blocked countries.

What do we need you to do? Simply inform your credit union five days in advance that you will be travelling when and where. That way we can ensure that Travel Notification service is in place when you travel. If you happen to forget – that’s OK.  You can contact us via email - or telephone and we can help rectify the situation for you so you can continue to use your debit card.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this new, free service, and help put a stop to debit card fraud.

If you have any questions regarding the Travel Notification service please contact your local branch of Prairie Pride Credit Union.

To prevent potential card blockages, it is a good idea to notify your credit card company by calling the phone number on the back of your card.

UPDATE:  If you are attempting to pay for something at a US merchant and are presented with this screen (see below) you must select Interac in order to complete your transaction.

Travelling with a Collabria Mastercard?

Call 1.855.341.4643 to notify Collabria when your're travelling and where you're going to help avoid potential confusion about fraudulent charges. Or enter the information via the travel center at

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