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Demand Accounts

Personal Chequing

At Prairie Pride Credit Union we offer you an account that provides full chequing convenience and is available for personal, business or organization use.

  • Consolidated statements with imaged cancelled cheques provided monthly
  • Line of credit for overdraft protection is available
  • Personalized cheques available, at minimal cost
  • Mastercard® and Interac®access to your account
  • Service charge package available

Interest Bearing Chequing

This account is similar to the Personal Account except;

  • interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • service charge package available
  • personalized cheques available, at minimal cost

U.S. Dollar Chequing

The U.S. dollar account is to provide a demand deposit account to members and non–member customers who wish to conduct transactions in the currency of the United States of America.
  • Statements provided on a monthly basis
  • No minimum balance
  • Free Deposits

PLAN 24® Savings Account

24 hours a day your savings will earn interest. Every penny you deposit in a
PLAN 24 ®at Prairie Pride Credit Union is working for you non-stop, around the clock. You can access your PLAN 24® savings account at your convenience without penalty.

  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • Statements available monthly
  • No chequing privileges
CUSAVE® Premium Investment Account

Premium rate paid on all balances in the CUSAVE® Premium Investment Account at Prairie Pride Credit Union. Fees apply as per Products, Services & Fees brochure.

  • Interest calculated on closing daily balance, paid monthly
  • Statements available monthly 
  • No chequing, ATM or bill payment privileges 
  • Accessible through MemberDirect® online banking
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