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Fraud Prevention

FRAUD: Recognize it. Report it. Stop it.

Awareness is Security

The confidentiality and security of your personal information is one of your top priorities. Whether you are concerned about Identity Theft - one of the fastest growing crimes in North America - or about Fraud by telephone, Internet and mail, which continues to be a serious international problem, it is important to protect yourself by always being aware and learning how to recognize these dangers.

Gather as much information as possible and learn how to protect yourself from various types of crimes that are prevalent today. Awareness is security, so familiarize yourself with the valuable tips and information provided in the links below.

Identity Protection

Internet & Computer Protection

Security Tips

Prairie Pride encourages you to test your ability to detect frauds and scams by participating in the following ABC's of Fraud Quiz:

For more information on preventing and reporting fraud visit the following
Fraud Prevention Websites.

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