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Fraud Updates

Phishing Email Scam
Below is an example of the mass marketing scam that is currently being circulated that purports to be from CRA and advises that the recipient is 'eligible' to receive a tax refund.  The email includes a 'Tax Online Refund Form' that requests the recipients address, mother’s maiden name, drivers licence, current employer, debit/credit card number including card expiry date and CVC code. There is also a link within the email that if clicked, could possibly lead to download of viruses and compromise of password protected sites including online banking. Delete the email before opening and do not share to others.
Phishing Email Scam
Inheritance Scam
The below scam letter has been received by at least two Saskatchewan credit unions recently and was reported to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Please review the letter and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local branch.
ICBC Inheritance Scam

Phishing Advisory
If you receive a pop-up requesting to complete a MemberDirect® survey, please do not complete the survey.
Contact Prairie Pride Credit Union for further instruction.
Mobile Banking Phishing Scam
Prairie Pride Credit Union has been alerted to the presence of an SMS text messaging phishing scam that is contacting people across Canada. People receive an alert (sample below), requesting that they call a toll free number because their account has been locked due to exceeding online attempts. The text message references a financial institution name. However the person receiving the text does not always have a relationship with the financial Institution referenced, which indicates that the text messages are being randomly sent.
Credit unions should be aware that some members may have received a text message like this. Members who call into the number will be prompted for their card number, expiry date, and their personal access code. Members should not provide this information at any time, as this may lead to their account being compromised.

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