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Prairie Pride currently offers 3 different scholarships. Read below for more information.

Mackenzie Miller

Keagan Carley

Mackenzie Chicoine

Kale Martin

Dylan Frey

Hayden Bigney

Hanna Evans

Scholarship Applications

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Lynette Peet Legacy Fund

Prairie Pride Credit Union is proud to partner with Parry, Wendal & Thomas Peet to offer the Lynette Peet Legacy Fund. Lynette was very involved in her community, volunteering for many organizations and committees. She was also a teacher, farmer, cattlewoman, gardener and crafter. She originally served on the board of the Alida Credit Union and continued to serve through the amalgamation to Prairie Pride Credit Union totalling 13 years as a board member. On August 7, 2022 Lynette passed away peacefully surrounded by her family after a difficult journey with cancer. 

This scholarship will be awarded to individuals from the following - Carnduff Education Complex, Oxbow Prairie Horizons School and Redvers School, as well as Arcola School where Lynette taught for many years. To be elegible the recipients must be attending post-secondary with a focus on Agriculture, Education or Nursing. We look forward to honouring Lynette's legacy for the next 20 years!
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Gordon Doan Technical Scholarship

This scholarship was initiated by the board of Alida Credit Union and was first offered in memory of Gordon Doan in 1997. They felt it important to create a scholarship for the benefit of the students attending technical schools. Gordon along with his family were very active members in the community including running the mechanic shop in Alida. This scholarship is offered to students enrolled at Carnduff Education Complex, Oxbow Prairie Horizons School and Redvers School.
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University Scholarship

The Prairie Pride University Scholarship has been offered for over 20 years. This scholarship is for those who are attending any university with no restrictions on area of study. Those students graduating from Carnduff Education Complex, Oxbow Prairie Horizons School and Redvers School are eligible to apply. 
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