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Devoted to People and Communities

Over the past 5 years our staff have volunteered over 5,100 hours and have given away over $63,800 in sponshorships and donations.
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Alameda 48 Rink Bonspiel

Prairie Pride staff got together during a very busy weekend in Alameda and contributed to the efforts of hosting a large event in a small community!

Alameda 48 Rink Bonspiel

To add to the staff vounteering downstairs in the kitchen part of our board of directors pulled up their sleeves and contributed upstairs to run the bar.
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Project Pride

Application Criteria

PROJECT PRIDE is a community investment program offered through Prairie Pride Credit Union. On an annual basis, we will accept applications from community groups or organizations within our trading area who are requesting funding in an effort to build, expand and/or improve facilities and/or programs which support the development of our communities. PROJECT PRIDE will focus on supporting capital projects or one-time investments as opposed to annual operating costs.

PROJECT PRIDE intends to grant the funding to one group, project or program each year. However, depending on the number and nature of the applications that we receive, funding may be split between two or more worthwhile projects.

Prairie Pride Credit Union will provide funding preference to projects and programs based on the following criteria:

  • The project or program falls under one of the following areas:
    Community and economic development
    2. Youth and education
    3. Health and human services
    4. Arts and culture
    5. Amateur sport
  • Benefit groups or many people in the community, as opposed to individuals.
  • Benefits the local community projects or programs taking place outside of the
    Prairie Pride Credit Union region will not be considered.
  • Utilize the majority of funds directly for the project or program, with minimal
    administrative costs.
  • Support will be given to fund capital projects or one-time investments as opposed
    to annual operating costs.
  • An organization can be funded more than once, but a project cannot.
  • While membership at Prairie Pride Credit Union is not a requirement, preference
    will be given to our members when the final decision must be made between two
    comparable projects.
  • Provides maximum exposure while maintaining Prairie Pride Credit Union’s
    respected and professional image.
  • Selected projects reflect positively on Prairie Pride Credit Union and key players in
    the project may be asked to co-operate with the credit union in publicity opportunities.
  • Recipients must agree to have their names and photographs published.

PLEASE NOTE: Funding will not be provided for:

  • Political or religious organizations 
  • Advocacy organizations whose causes are publicly controversial
  • Individuals Conferences Events or organizations that take place outside the Prairie Pride Credit Union trading area, ie. beyond 60 kms from any branch of Prairie Pride Credit Union.
  • Applicants that have been funded previously in the last three years.

Additional Notes:

  • Funds will be held at Prairie Pride Credit Union until invoices can be provided.
  • Funds must be used within 2 years of being granted or they will be forfeited. Exceptions may occur if arrangements are made prior to the deadline.

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Upcoming Events

Be a part of the community and join us at upcoming events.